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Čachtice Castle...

Čachtice, Slovakia

Contact: Trenčín Museum
+421 (0)32/743 44 31

Hours: N/A




The castle in Čachtice was originally built between 1263 and 1276 along the road to Moravia. Several owners added on to the structure over the years. The Nadasdy family acquired the fortress in 1569; it became for final home of Ferenc Nadasdy's wife, countess Elizabeth Bathory from 1604 until her death in 1614. Bathory became well-known for the torture and murder of countless young women. The castle was used as a prison in the 1700s and was severely damaged on three occasions. It has been crumbling since 1799.


The ghost of Bathory is believed to reside in her private prison. Visitors have reported odd feelings and disembodied shadows. Some of her many victims may also haunt the ruins. Elizabeth cursed her accusers before her death and the souls of her many cats may still wander the grounds in an effort to exact revenge.




















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