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Submissions & Feedback

I enjoy hearing from visitors and listening to any paranormal tales they may wish to share. However, I do not "get rid of ghosts" or perform any type of exorcisms. If you are dealing with a haunting, I suggest that you first attempt to find a middle ground and lay down ground rules for peaceful coexistence. Only a small percentage of hauntings ever turn violent, which means you are not likely to be in any danger. If events escalate, I suggest contacting your nearest reputable paranormal experts and seeking their professional expertise.

If you wish to comment on this site, please refrain from hateful speech. We may not all agree and the world if filled with differing ideas and consensus. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and lifestyles. I do not believe in belittling or name-calling and I ask for the same in return.


Orb Photos?

I tend to receive a lot of emailed photographs from people wanting to know if the "orb" in the image is a ghost. Unfortunately, there are so many other natural explanations which cause this that I cannot verify a haunting based on these images. I apologize to anyone seeking validation, but I cannot say it has a supernatural explanation. However, this does not mean the location may not be haunted.



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The names and sexual orientations of the individuals mentioned on this site are presumed to be accurate. Any discussion involving the sexuality of these people is not intended to degrade or demoralize the individual.


Questions, Comments, and Stories...

If you have any information pertaining to possible GLBT ghosts and hauntings, I would love to hear your story. I will answer all reasonable questions and appreciate any thoughts or suggestions for this website.

Although I am not always at my computer, I do try to respond to all emails in a timely fashion. Feel free to direct any questions or comments to one of the following:



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Media Inquiries...

For further information regarding interviews, bookings, public appearances, and other matters, please contact me at moonspenders@yahoo.com.







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