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Other Ghosts?

Not all GLBT hauntings are listed on this page. Some locations are still being researched and have not been added while others may be unknown to myself and others. If you are aware of another haunting involving a gay, lesbian, or bisexual spirit, I would love to hear what you have to say. Send me an email; your personal information will be kept confidential.


Events & Tours

Jerome Ghost Walk
October 9 & 10, 2009
(Time varies.)
$15 per person
Sponsored by the Jerome Historical Society
(928) 634-1066


Haunted Haight Walking Tour
January 10 - Nov. 1
7:00 PM
$20 per person
Haunted Haight
(415) 863-1416

New Orleans Ghost Walks
All Year
6:00 & 8:00 PM nightly
$20 adults, $10 children
New Orleans Ghost Tours
(504) 861-2727


Asheville Ghost Tour
March 31 - Oct. 31
9:00 PM nightly
$18 adults, $10 children
Ghosts & Haunts Tours
(828) 355-5855


Ghosts, Cemeteries, and Murders Walking Tour of Downtown Dayton
Sept. 4 - October 31 *
Fri. & Sat. @ 7:00 PM
$10 per person
Gem City Circle Walking Tours
Leon Bey (937) 274-4749 or

* Dayton's Walking Tour comes recommended by the author following his October 2009 tour experience.


Haunted Streets of Toronto
October 9 - October 31
7:00 PM nightly
$20 per person
(group discounts available)
Muddy York Walking Tours
(416) 487-9017

The Haunted Walk of Ottawa
8:00 PM daily*
CAD$13 adults, $11 children
Haunted Walks Inc.
(613) 232-0344
Special Halloween Season Tours also available

* Ottawa's Haunted Walk comes recommended by the author following his June 2009 tour experience.


Get Listed

If you know an event or tour taking place which may be of interest to fellow visitors, please contact me. Tours and walks which include any locations listed on this website or other GLBT haunted places are encouraged. Any other tours are subject to approval.














































The views and opinions expressed in this website are solely those of the author and may not reflect the opinions of the businesses mentioned on the site. Any endorsements of businessess and/or services herein are the sole responsibility of the website owner and subject to his discretion and whim.

The names and sexual orientations of the individuals mentioned on this site are presumed to be accurate. Any discussion involving the sexuality of these people is not intended to degrade or demoralize the individual.


Queer Hauntings...

On this page, you will find various hauntings from around the globe with a GLBT theme. Click on the locations to find out more. Locations in pink feature gay or lesbian ghosts. Blue locations indicate a gay- or lesbian-owned establishment.

If you know of a gay-owned haunted business or have encountered a gay or lesbian ghost, please contact me. All personal information wil be kept confidential.

To view a list of hauntings by geographic location, please click here.

.:[some pages are still under construction]:.

More coming soon...







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