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In the Media

EDGE New York City
October 27, 2008
'Are There Gay Ghosts?'
by Scott Stiffler

Fall 2009
"The Haunting of Toronto"
by Karen Fulcher

Island Ghost Radio
January 1, 2010


Strange Frequencies Radio
October 17, 2010

More coming soon...


In Memoriam

Chris Stutler

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The views and opinions expressed in this website are solely those of the author and may not reflect the opinions of the businesses mentioned on the site. Any endorsements of businesses and/or services herein are the sole responsibility of the website owner and subject to his discretion and whim.

The names and sexual orientations of the individuals mentioned on this site are presumed to be accurate. Any discussion involving the sexuality of these people is not intended to degrade or demoralize the individual.


Welcome to Queer Paranormal...

In a living world where men and women die every day, the existence of ghosts is a common belief. Supernatural tales reside in every corner of the globe. From murder victims to jilted lovers, the ghosts of legend have their own unique messages.

Each narrative account often fails to concern itself with the sexuality of those deceased beings. But what about the gay men and lesbians of the past? Is it possible for them to return to earth and occupy the land of the living? Do all hauntings require a heterosexual phantom? And are gay-owned businesses somehow immune to paranormal activity?

After encountering the spirit of a gay male friend who committed suicide, I realized there must be other homosexual spirits roaming the world. Ever since, I have been scouring the earth for information on other phantoms of a not-so-straight nature. Slowly, the veil separating the supernatural and sexual orientation has been lifted.

From haunted bars in New Orleans to a haunted theater in London, this website encompasses the other side of the supernatural. The stories range from the serious, like the brutal murder of Charles Scudder and Joseph Odom in rural Georgia, to the light-hearted, including the male spirit who enjoys unzipping men’s trousers at a British pub. Ghosts of legendary celebrities intermingle with ordinary individuals. From Slovakia to San Francisco, forgotten gay ghosts have emerged from the woodwork.

Along with these queer spirits are many businesses, either gay-owned or catering to a gay/lesbian clientele, experiencing hauntings. Countless bed and breakfasts have otherworldly guests staying the night. Clubs and bars hide more than shy young lovers in their darkened corners. The dead ignore rainbow flags and techno beats. Their desire to be seen and heard outweighs their fear of the differences in their surroundings.

The majority of the locations featured here are accessible to the public. Many even offer overnight accommodations, allowing the curious reader to experience any possible paranormal activity for himself or herself. Whether you wish to see spirits beyond the bottled variety at a quaint watering hole or to watch a theatrical performance accompanied by a ghostly guest, you surely will gain a new appreciation of “gay haunts” through browsing the site.

Perhaps it even might inspire the next gay or lesbian ghost hunter to view the paranormal realm in a new light.


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